Pink Plastic Panties

Dearest Mistress,

I have searched long and hard for a website which specializes in feminization hypnosis audio. Your voice is by far the most soothing, yet seductive and reassuring voice I have yet heard. I have always refrained from signing up with any such websites, as I have never found one which actually implemented any of my suggestions or requests. My request is simple : I would like to hear a recording of an adult male forced by his mistress to wear pink plastic pants like a sissy.

The mistress with her soft and soothing voice would instruct her sissyboy to first take off all his clothes. Next, she shows him several pairs of plastic pants which she wants him to wear. She tells him to take the first small pair of pink plastic panties and slowly rub them against his pussy cock. When he begins to stiffen, she tells him to stop as she did not give him permission to release himself … yet. She instructs him to put on the pink plastic panties and enjoy the feeling of his stiff pussy cock pressing against the soft stretchy plastic of the sissy panties. Next, she tells him to take the large pair of pink plastic pants and pull them on over the plastic panties. She tells him over and over how he looks like such a little sissy in his pretty pink plastic pants and how she knows that he loves his plastic panties (i would love to hear your voice saying pink plastic panties … over and over and over again, oh please) She then instructs him to begin rubbing himself slowly through his plastic pants. Then she tells him to rub a little faster. Then even faster till she says,
“Now you may cum in your plastic panties. I want you to squirt your load inside your pink plastic panties.”
………. or something like that ……………..

key words are “pink plastic panties”, “sissy”, “squirt”.

Well, there’s my fantasy recording. I don’t know if it can be accommodated or not. It would be the ultimate turn-on though, to hear your voice in the above recording.

Thank you for listening, Mistress.
Sincerely and faithfully Yours, “A. B.” aka pinkpants

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