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Queen For A Day Hypnosis Video

Imagine yourself in a completely different realm of existence. One where you are the ruler of your own experience. Mona Blu gently guides you into a full body and facial relaxation trance, spinning the Royal spell to take you into the depths of subliminal mind merge. Visit for more information

Magic Fingernails

Magic Fingernails is on Special Pricing for $29.99 until Sunday at the strike of midnight – NO exceptions! Be sure to watch the free clip to sample 30 minutes that may change your life…in a sensational way 😉


Mistress Mona Blu

Priscilla in Chambers

“And I wonder if you are aware of the strict guidelines that I require for my sissy maids….tasks for you to do routinely out of simple and strict disciplined devotion. Dress your mind in priscilla’s perfect adornment; satin…so soft to the touch, so cool against your skin….lace, restrictive and just a bit scratchy. Satin and lace all over your mind. Satin and lace embedded into your thought process…”

Ideal for the beginner feminization enthusiast to the advanced. Not intended for the non-feminization practitioner. Best if used with headphones. Includes a mild wakening sequence.

Total session time: 29:39 | Click here to purchase.

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A Girl Loves Her Shoes!

It’s easy to understand a girl’s adoration of Her shoes…but in the tiniest chance that you don’t, you MUST click here to watch free clips of Persephone loving Her zapatos!

Persephone will drive you to orgasm!! You will not believe what you see…she is one of the most beautiful women on the planet – who happens to possess an intense high-heel fetish.

She asks to play with the stiletto collection of “Miss Rebecca H. Heels” – and Persephone goes absolutely wild!!! Her long wet pierced tongue licks and sucks heels…making love to the slutty pumps…rapier pencil-thin heels sliding between her steamy thighs! Lewdly copulating with heel tips and pointed toes!!! Persephone wantonly displays her lush body – encased in long black sheer seamed stockings, waist-crushing corset, gloves, lacy brassiere and whore stilettos…you won’t make it through her exhibition of uncontrolled high-heeled lust!

Sissy Dahl Assignment

It’s monday, girls! You know what that means…right? Yes. Assignment time. I know many of you have lots of fun transformation stuff in your closet, and if you are following your assignment under hypnosis while listening to Priscilla in Chambers, then you know all about the white face mask. I’ve got some movie clips for you to watch and learn from…watch and learn, girls…watch and learn!


In Contessa Antonella’s life everything revolves around luxury and rubber. Naturally the dolls she collects are in rubber as well however this collection of dolls is unique because they consist of dolls that are alive-living toys for everyday life. She owns prostitute-dolls to finance her luxury servant-dolls to serve her around the clock and of course the most important for the Contest love-dolls to fulfill her insatiable sexual appetite.

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you know, the term ‘shemales’ kind of gets on my nerves. Being that I am a naturally born Goddess, it annoys Me that the term ‘male’ would be anywhere near the word ‘She”, but whatev. On that note, I am beyond impressed by the trannies who go the extra mile to look vampy & fabulous,  believe Me, it’s way more work than I would put in, but then again, I’m perfect and don’t need much work to begin with 😉

SO with that beubg said, I found this tranny videochat site that has free chat to see if your pecker rises at the thought of being completely perplexed at the amazing ‘edge’ that these bring! Check it out:

Giddy up there partner, Piolo here is a shemale that can’t be tamed. She loves riding bareback and is hung like her Steed, her guns are huge at 36D, more than a handful for a cowboy like you.

She has chaps that are missing the ass in the back, boots, spurs and a whip to keep you in line. Flirt4free has a reputation for having the classiest performers and most beautiful Shemales in the Live Video Chat industry go Private with Piolo.

Strap on Sissy slut!

your assignment this week is to watch these movie clips without touching your girliecock. Do you think you can do it? I am willing to bet that you can’t…why,  you ask? Oh that is a simple one boyslut – it’s because you are a whoring cock-loving street walking slut!  It’s the boys’ turn to take the big hard one! Ouch! Emerald delights you with her boy-probing toys.


BTW – I have a new mp3 playing at programming you to start sucking cocks that was created for a nervous forced fem-sissy girl, and you can listen to a part of it. And NO – pussycock is NOT free anymore, just FYI. Now go on and work on your assignment…Click here to watch free movie clips and then click here to get your listening pass to hear “cocksucker’ and other general hypnosis sessions.