The sissy slut is quite a phenomenon, for sure. Most of the time you girls are busy whoring yourself all over the internet looking for a Mistress who has enough time and patience to wrangle your slut ass in and actually train you. you are cheap, promiscuous, and in need of dire discipline…I know already.

To help all the Mistresses who suffer through the tiresome experience of dealing, training and molding the sissy-slut, I have compiled a task list FOR FREE for all of you lost girl-bois who simply need to slow your whoring down. Here is a huge library of FREE gloryhole video clips to teach you some skills, broaden your horizons and perhaps put your slut ass to work and bring home some bacon to contribute to the homestead.

This session, we are going to focus on you Glory Hole Sluts. Goodness Knows you need as much direction as you can get!

GloryHole Library:

The Skateboarder Rides Again

When Kaos and his skater boy toys get together, the suckin’ and fuckin’ gets hot and sticky! These dudes may be new to the game, but they sure know their way around a firm cock!

A man looks better with a cock in his mouth. And he feels better if that cock is hard, throbbin’ and shooting a fresh hot load down his hungry gullet. It’s been true since the first blowjob, when one Neanderthal man looked at another Neanderthal’s big ol’ swingin’ caveman dick and suddenly had the genius idea to get on his knees and put the fatty in his mouth. You know the feeling. It’s the call of the wild, the primal hunger of the born cocksucker.

What’s more tempting than a hole in the wall? A hole with a hot, hairy bear on the other side! Watch super-hairy Kowboy Bear and his handsome and hung Kowboy Kub as they meet up through a hole in the wall, and go on to explore each other’s holes. Next, big-dicked stud Brendan feeds furry bear Xenos almost more than he can handle through the worn wooden wall. You can really see how much Xenos enjoys the attention! Finally, bear porn favorites Ali and Dean pair off at the hole, only to be joined by porn veteran Tank. As the action heats up, blond bear star Supercub dives in for an energetic bear orgy that leaves nothing to the imagination. Get down and take a long, hard look through the Bear Hole to see all the action, up close and personal.

porn bear glory hole sissy slut

Big Rigs: If you are thinking of trucks — Wrong! These Guys have the ‘Big Rigs’ you would love to drive.
check it out down below!!

Calling all Jarheads!!! We know you like to suck some weenie too…yaaaa you do!!!
We have a free video right here for you to watch as part of your Mistress mandated assignment…shhhh…we won’t tell anyone!

Dirk Yates brings back his extremely popular series of cock sucking jarheads that can’t get enough dicks shoved in their faces! There’s a lot of dick slurping (Prince Albert included) and butt fucking to be had in this sexy, mouth watering eighth installment.

Oh and last but not least for this evening’s assignment….
we have to boys who are the ones who are the Suckees- the ones getting thier cockies getting slobed & bobbed. These are quite interesting as well. Hmmm. I.m going to have to do some research on this social exercise….but in the meantime, here is your last series of gloryhole video mandatory viewing material that you must complete. These guys are actually very hot and the girls would love to watch too! Yyyaaaaa kninky!!!!

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