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Queen For A Day Hypnosis Video

Imagine yourself in a completely different realm of existence. One where you are the ruler of your own experience. Mona Blu gently guides you into a full body and facial relaxation trance, spinning the Royal spell to take you into the depths of subliminal mind merge. Visit http://www.bluehypnosis.com for more information

Alter Ego

New Feminization hypnosis by Mona Blu!! Just released today : Click here for product details.

Welcome into the realm of trance…the alter ego the persona in which you feel most comfortable. today, take a deep breath and simply celebrate…that feeling of subdued escape towards that identity that suits you best. yes…the alter ego. the true, innermost peace within the self. It is the alter ego which fits best. “

An exquisitely relaxing girly trance for those who are in touch with their feminine side…and wish to celebrate residing within the Alter Ego for a duration of 30 minutes or so. Escape to where you feel most comfortable. Includes: countdown, idealogical embedding, hypnotic relaxation, numeric association, mind visual pendulum, overall wellness and acceptance of self, dominance, follownig directives.

Keywords: alter ego, girly, silky, satin smooth, trance, pendulum, pleasure, peace, pink, peachy cream, elixer, rhinestone

Total session time: 27 min

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I do wish you an enchanted evening!!!!
Mistress Mona Blu

A Sissy’s Serenade

Experience a sweet & positive sissy enforcement with
The Sissy Serenade by Mona Blu.
Beginning with a deep, deep hypnotic induction, you will be transported to an element of complete relinquishing of every single heavy thought that is bearing down on you. In this trance, Mona Blu serenades your higher feminine self and provides guidance, permission and suggestion for those who resist curiousity, conflict, or identity issues. Allow the Sissy Serenade to show you the light. Product Information Here.

Maneater – Suck Cock for Mistress

Pushing the edge in humiliation, obedience, and sissy slave obedience…you must adapt to this hypnotic suggestion to suck cock to please Mistress. VERY intensive hypnosis session. Not for the timid cross dresser, Hardcore humiliation sluts only.

Priscilla Pack

The Ultimate Sissification Chambermaid Behavior modification package. Includes 3 full-length recordings from Mistress Mona Blu: Click here for product details.
Includes 3 full length recordings for a discounted $69 Limited Time price.


“Feel the soft, beautiful skin…embrace your femininity…”

Sometimes we are burdened with hormone levels and hereditary genes that are bothersome or “in the way” of what we truly desire. Lovely is a healing, acceptance and positive awareness of self, and the ability to welcome change hypnotic session. Through trance relaxation & the power of positive acceptance, Lovely strives to bring about a simply Lovely state of mind.

Short eye induction, relaxation deepener, hormone balancing suggestions, genetic disposition awareness, self acceptance, beauty and harmony all coexist within this truly soothing hypnotic experience.

Total session time: 26:56

For best results, use with headset. click here to purchase Lovely

Cum Eating Hypnosis

Good evening pet…
I have a brand new project that is now open – HypnosisLounge.com where over 25 hypnosis sessions will be streaming on rotation throughout the year. $29.99 per month will grant you access to My hypnotic Playground and allow you to listen to My hypnotic Voice streaming right from My computer to yours.

xxx femdom erotic hypnosis

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Just added: Eating your Own Cum hypnosis session, Erotic Brainwashing, and Below the Knee with over 25 recordings. Come play with Me at HypnosisLounge.com

I do wish you an enchanted evening…
Mistress Mona Blu

Pretty In Pink (Sissy)

For a VERY limited time, members of HypnosisLounge.com can listen to Pretty in Pink via online streaming.

xxx femdom erotic hypnosis

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I have created a most intense yet pleasurable femme recording – I am quite proud of it and hope to hear your feedback and any additional behavioral modifications.

A series of compressed 4 layers and 2 hours of subliminal hypnosis into one powerful session which lasts approximately 33 minutes, but the way that it is produced, you will want to make sure you are going to be undisturbed for at least 2 hours and allow the sounds of my voice fill the air around you.

30 min 32 sec