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Bitch boy for Mistress Jazmin

Mistress Jazmine needs a super bitch. Is there such a thing as a super bitch? Hmm, probably not.

Anyway, Mistress Jasmine entered the room in black leather bra, skirt and boots. She circled slave Marco, kicking and striking him with the carriage whip. He was made to lick her boot tops clean. She seated herself and lit a cigarette and spiked him repeatedly with her high heels. She commanded Marco to turn and put his face into her pussy. After a number of punishment acts, she shoved a black dildo into his ass and fucked him with her boot bottom as he knelt in front of Her humiliated.

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Training a Sissy Whore

Babs tells a girlfriend about this guy who wants to learn what it is like to be a whore and if She wanted to help.

This blonde sissy shows up and Babs asked him “you sure you want this?” He tells Her “I am Yours please let me serve you.” He is forced onto his stomach then they take turns fucking his ass and his mouth.

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