Pinkie-boi Training

While I take great pride in all of My pinkie-bois, I do realize that sometimes you need some busywork to keep your sissy-hands busy. I have created a various list of xxx-nasty assignments for you to keep your idle hands busy LOL!

Just remember…once you are right on the brink of pleasure, ALWAYS remember that MY pleasure comes first…and if you happen to squirt without permission, do pay your jackoff tax by sending a trinket from My wishlist for your selfish euphoria. tsk, tsk…all of MY pinkie-bois know that permission must ALWAYS be granted prior to squirting.zzzz

Submit your squirt tax items here with a VERY sincere letter of apology and humility!

My Wish List

oh what a naughty, naughty boy the legendary golden glove boxer is somehow photographed wearing some intricate women’s fishnets body suits…hmmmmmm interesting indeed!

oscar de la hoya wears womens lingerie stockings panties, fishnets

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